"Emily is the dog-whisperer of Ottawa, seriously. She takes our very high-energy dog romping in the fields with his pack of buddies and returns him exhausted and grinning from floppy ear to floppy ear. He loves being with Emily, who is not only kind and loving to her canine-clients, but also to her owner-clients. She is deeply committed to animals and it shows in the way she treats each of the dogs. She is professional, knowledgeable, and friendly, and I trust her completely with our pup and highly recommend her to everyone."

Tania Pack Members, Kipper & Dax

"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you do for Charlie as well! He absolutely is a different dog since he's been part of your pack, and I'm so grateful! It makes the days I'm at work much better knowing that my little dude is in good hands, having a ball! Thank you!"

Jenny Pack Member, Charlie

"Our lab Piper, can hear Emily’s car coming a mile away.  She waits anxiously by the door to join what I can imagine is like, “the party bus” of pack mates.   They run, swim, chase and fetch under the watchful eye of their pack leader Emily, who offers a high level of experience working with animals.  Her attention to detail both from a business perspective and for health and safety of our pups is exceptional.  Emily will send me a note to let me know if Piper has a minor scrape from vigorous play or a red ear that I should keep an eye on or simply that she returned home particularly wet or dirty that day.  Urban Canine is a well-oiled machine and Emily is warm and lovely.  You and your pup will fall head over heels!"  

Allyson Pack Member, Piper

"We really appreciated Emily's services at a very busy time in our lives, when we had a new baby. She was always easy to communicate with, and took great care while walking our dog Cody. Emily has a real connection with animals, and a car-full of happy dogs! She was always gentle and understanding with Cody, who was 11 years old and had some health issues.  

I would recommend Emily's dog walking service, especially to working and busy families. It is great for the dogs to be socialized together and to go for nice, long walks during the day. Emily was always on time, and had a treat ready for old Cody.
We really appreciated the service Emily offered to our family and four-legged friend.”

Allison Pack Member, Cody

"Emily was the best thing that could've happened to our family! From the moment we met her, she was loving, caring and patient with our German Shepherd, Reya.   Despite Reya's behavioural issues, Emily took her on as one of the pack without hesitation. She even did her homework by talking to our former dog walker. Within no time at all, Reya fit right in and had no issues at all. She was exhausted from all the stick chasing and fun of her daily walk, which we could see from all the photos that she took to keep us updated.  We only wish that Emily worked on the weekend too! 

We no longer have Emily as our dog walker because we had to move out of town, but we recommend her to anyone who is looking for a trusted, reliable and incredible dog walker."

Jeni Pack Member, Reya
"I have had the pleasure of Having urban canine work with my guy for a year or so now.  I have noticed a significant improvement in his interaction with other dogs during this time.  My vet has also commented on the great shape that he is in.  Largely due to urban canine and the lengthy runs he gets when he is out with the pack.
Emily is passionate about what she does.  She has helped me a great deal.  I am gone from the house four days a week for a minimum of 11 hours.  I am sure that I would have had to find another home for my guy to live in.  That would have been a very tough call.  Thanks to Emily that decision did not have to be made.  I am certainly indebted to her for that."
John Pack Member, Auzzy

"Thank you, Emily, for taking such great care of Packet. We recommend your services wholeheartedly. 
Packet came to us as a 5-month old rescue with no background but with tons of energy and anxiety issues. Yet when he met you the first time, he relaxed completely and even fell asleep as we talked. We came to share his trust in you. Your time with him has helped enormously: a regular walk with a friendly pack has helped burn off energy and keep his anxiety under control. We come home to a happy, tired dog instead of a destroyed house! 

But it's not just the walking, it's the little extras like sending us photos of him, wiping down his feet when he's wet, getting him to sit before he goes through the door… these details show your dedication to professionalism and personal, thoughtful service. 
You obviously care about the well-being of the dogs in your pack: one extreme example was how you very helpfully provided, for weeks, the timing of your walks, his state of mind and other information when we were tracking his day to determine what his anxiety triggers might be. And then there was that one time you arrived to discover he’d had some tummy troubles in his crate…and you took the extra time to clean up as best you could. 
You’re one in a million, Em."

Katrina Pack Member, Packet

"Emily walked my dog Jack for over 2 years (2012 - 2014). She has an incredible love of animals that I couldn't imagine her doing any other job! She was reliable and always flexible with any changes I had to make for time or dates. Whether I wanted Jack walked twice or four times a week, she would accommodate my schedule. 

Having a golden retriever with an affinity for mud and water, Emily always made a great effort to have Jack dry and free of mud using the towel I left at the door. On hot days, she would also check that he have water upon returning from walks.
Jack is a gentle, very social dog who has benefited from spending so much time with other dogs during Emily's walks. He is tolerant of all types and temperaments of dogs from this socialization in his younger years.

I knew on the days Jack had a walk with Emily, he would be tired out and sleeping after his walk while I was at work. The pictures she sent of Jack playing for me to see at work would bring a smile to my face. 

I would highly recommend Emily and Urban Canine for you and your dog!”

Tara Pack Member, Jack

"Emily's professionalism, open communication and genuine love for the dogs have made her a joy to work with. The group walks have been a great way for Casey to get exercise and socialization. It is no surprise that Casey stampedes to the door whenever she hears Emily coming!"

Erin Pack Member, Casey

"Urban Canine has been a dream come true for us! Having a dog and giving them the life they deserve is tough in a dual career family. Emily comes by our place every day when we're at work and spoils Winston with a car ride, a long walk at the dog park with his furry friends, followed by another car ride - what more could a dog ask for?! It gives us peace of mind knowing that not only does he get the chance to relieve himself while we're gone but he also gets the exercise and socialization that he craves. As a result we come home from a long day at the office to a tuckered out pup who is eager to get some love and cuddle time with his family. 

Emily has been a part of our lives since Winston was about 5 months old. He absolutely adores her and we can tell she has a place in her heart for him too. A few months ago Winston got really sick and Emily was emailing us every day to check in on him - that's just the kind of person she is. Your dog isn't just another paycheck to her, he is a part of her pack. Emily is one of the few people in this world that we trust to love and spoil our baby boy as much as we do! Winston is just over a year old now and our little pack couldn't be happier with Emily and the wonderful services offered by Urban Canine!" 

Heather & Scott 
 Pack Member, Winston

"I have been using Urban Canine's pack walk service for over 5 years and can truly say I believe it has helped to make my dog Cody a balanced and well socialized dog. Emily is diligent, responsible, clearly enjoys working with dogs and makes an effort to accommodate the needs of the dogs and owners alike. I get great value out of this service and, in fact, have recommended Urban Canine to several of my friends. Keep up the good work, Emily!"

Sheila Pack Member, Cody

"Charlie has been a member of the Urban Canine pack for just under a year now and he loves his romps through the countryside every Monday and Thursday. Charlie came to my family and I through a rescue group with some aggression issues and anxiety. Emily helped us identify some of these issues and with consistency and routine exercise, Charlie has become a trustworthy, beloved member of the family. I would highly recommend Urban Canine Dog Walking Services to anyone looking to improve their canine's quality of life. Thank you, Emily, for all your energy and expertise."

Jo-Ann Pack Member, Charlie

"I have a very active dog and was feeling guilty about not being able to take her out to run as much as she needed. I had also noticed that if she was left alone for even an hour, she would chew things (even though she wasn't a puppy anymore) and I had read that this can sometimes be caused by not enough exercise. I knew that something had to change, but with a baby at home, I knew that simply taking the dog out for a stroller-paced walk wasn't enough. Bria (our dog) needed to run. That's when I heard about Urban Canine though a friend of the family.

I couldn't believe that there was a service in Ottawa where your dog would be picked up at the door, driven (with other excited canine passengers) to a large, safe place where they can run around together, playing and exploring the great new smells, just to be dropped back off at your door very very happy (and tired). Emily came over for a meet and greet and instantly I could see that she was more than just a dog lover. She spent just as much time getting to know my dog and interacting with her as she did me (to clarify, she only rubbed Bria's belly, not mine). I could see that she has a very special place in her heart for dogs and I felt comfortable right away that Bria would be in the most capable of hands.

I've been using Emily's wonderful service now for almost a year and Bria has an internal clock and just knows when it's her day. She sits by the front door waiting for Emily and is *beyond* excited to see her arrive. When she gets back, she saunters back in the house, full of endorphins and happily takes a long nap. And the chewing? It stopped right away after only one visit, so it makes me feel good knowing that that extra little run has made all the difference in Bria's life.
It's very obvious that Emily treats these dogs with the same care and love as if they were her very own. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who doesn't have the time to get their dogs out to RUN. It is absolutely worth it and will enrich the life of your pup!"

Julie Pack Member, Bria

" I would not entrust Divi to just anyone, he is a very sensitive dog and fearful of certain sounds and objects.  Emily quickly learned the signs and was very diligent with his care and safety.  She appreciates that for some of us, our pets are our family.  Emily has a genuine love for animals and treats Divi like he was her own.  

Divi is always delighted to see Emily, he runs to greet her with his tail wagging and eager to land a kiss on the cheek!  Based on his level of excitement when she arrives, I’d say he loves the service and his socials with “the pack”. 

Emily is very personable, trustworthy, reliable, flexible and extremely accommodating.  She has never let us down when it comes to unscheduled walks, often on short notice, change in location or last minute cancellations.  

While we have had only one formal training lesson with Emily, I must tell you that it was immensely helpful in our attempts to understand Divi and his plight with walking.  She provided us with techniques, which have immensely improved Divi’s behaviour, and walking is now enjoyable for us all!

We are truly blessed to have Emily in our lives.

We highly recommend Emily for her dog walking and training services."

Krista & Luc Pack Member, Divi

"Emily is amazing! Her care of the dogs and her knowledge of canine behavior is outstanding. From the moment I met Emily, I felt confident she would take the best care of my dog Birdie and it was a great relationship right from the beginning. 
I knew on walk days that when I got home, Birdie would barely even be able to lift her head to welcome me home she was so pooped!   Thank you Emily, you made my life and Birdie's so much better!"

Lorraine Pack Member, Birdie

“Emily,  We are very sad that we are moving away and that our baby Kingsley will no longer be a part of your pack.  He has always been excited to go with you every day and has come home fully exercised and ready for a good sleep.  We couldn't have asked for a better pack leader and friend to our family.  Thank you very much for everything that you have contributed to our family. Your positive impact on Kingsley's life will be with us forever”

Virginia & Steve Pack Member, Kingsley

"Thank you Emily for your service and your professionalism with Nica.  The service you offer really put me at ease knowing she was able to be socialized in a fun environment!"

Melissa Pack Member, Nica
"I wanted to thank you for working on her approach with other dogs. I notice a huge improvement - she used to lunge or even lie down until another dog came by, and then jump on the dog.  Now she either ignores them with my command “leave it” or just wags her tail and sniffs.  She loves her walks with your dogs and is so content at home.  I find she is much more affectionate - maybe because her energy has been released. "
Angela Pack Member, Skye

“We highly recommend Emily who has been walking our dog Rusty for a few years. She is very reliable, professional and always places the best interest of the dogs first. She truly loves the dogs."

Leo & Janet Pack Member, Rusty

"Our dog Molly has been with Emily for 3+ years now and we wouldn't have it any other way.  Emily genuinely cares for the dogs in her 'pack', and their well-being is her top priority!    Emily goes the extra mile, is a pleasure to work with, and I would recommend her outstanding services to anyone.  Congratulations Urban Canine!"

Pat Pack Member, Molly

"I can't thank you enough for the care that you've taken with Austen while giving me peace of mind when I have to leave him home. He loves his pack walks and is tired and happy when I get home. Knowing that he is having fun allows me the time to run errands without having to worry about him being intended for too long. It was a good day when I called you."

Leslie Pack Member, Austen
"Emily walked my two large dogs for several years until I no longer needed a dog walker. My dogs were always excited to see her as they really enjoyed their walks with Emily’s pack. One of my dogs is a wanderer, but Emily managed to keep track of her while still allowing her to have fun.
Emily is extremely reliable and shows up in even terrible weather. She was also very flexible when I needed to change days.
Both my dogs are long haired and love mud and water, but Emily always cleaned them up before turning them loose in my house, which I really appreciated. It was also really convenient to have Emily clip their nails as I never had to worry about taking them somewhere to get this done.  I would highly recommend Emily to any one!"
Mary Pack Members, Portia & Izzy

"We use Emily to do occasional walks for our 2 dogs.  When she arrives at the door, the dogs go from barking to excited whining when they hear her voice even if it has been months between walks.  We have no doubt that the dogs are safe and well taken care of when they are in her care.  When we book a walk, she gets back to us quickly and tries her best to accommodate our request.  I would highly recommend Emily's service"

Cathie Pack Members, Buddy & Rufus

"Our family has never needed to hire anyone to walk our 9 yr old 95 lb lab before, but when family schedules did not cooperate this past spring Emily entered Jaxon's life.  She would pick him up at the house and off they would go.  Jaxon of course can tell time and was looking for Emily by the second day.  I can't say enough about Emily's love for animals that is so immediately recognizable.  Jaxon truly enjoyed his time with her."  

Kathy Pack Member, Jaxon