Pack Walks

Nothing helps balance an urban dog like an hour long, off-leash outing in nature while in the company of a varied pack of like-minded canines and a knowledgeable pack leader!

Dogs being social animals absolutely thrive in the balance, exercise and structure of our daily group walks and are certainly much happier for it; We offer them the ability to get out of the house, have ample opportunity to exercise, and socialize safely in a natural environment.  

Our walks include: pick-up/drop-off transportation in our "dogmobile", approx. 1 hour adventure at our privately rented acreage that has a stream and water-station and a controlled immersion into our behaviourally-based pack structure.  

A Few More Benefits of Our Groups Walks:

  1. Owner-Operated Business
  2. Exclusive "Dog Park"
  3. Experienced, Insured & Certified "Pack Leader" 
  4. Peace of Mind for Owners
  5. Improved Social Skills
  6. Ability to Self-Regulate Play & Exercise
  7. Provides Needed "Bathroom Break"
  8. Humane Solution for Anxious/Crated Dogs 
  9. Increased Health and Vitality
  10. Natural, Structured & Convenient Program
  11. Mid-Day Break from Boredom & Loneliness 
  12. Helps Fulfill a Dog's Physical, Social and Psychological Needs
  13. Decrease in Destructive and Frustrated Behaviours
  14. Excellent Way to Drain Excessive Energy

All of our pack members are looked after like they are our own and we take pride in offering them all the chance to live a happier, healthier and more balanced life!