About Us

Urban Canine was founded in January 2010 and is a small, owner-operated dog walking business based in Ottawa West.

Owner and Operator, Emily Cole, has spent her entire life working and volunteering in the animal care business.  From canine and equine rehabilitation and behaviour modification to holistic health and nutrition, Emily's expertise and passion paired with her deep devotion to her clients truly sets her business apart.

Urban Canine stands on the foundation that dogs are pack-oriented animals who thrive in a natural setting where there is a balanced social structure and consistent, stable leadership partnered with a "controlled environment" that provides the freedom needed for self-regulated exercise and exploration. And so, that is exactly what we provide. 

Over the years dogs of many various ages, breeds and dispositions have successfully integrated into our "Pack Walk Program", this success is largely attributed to the emphasis that is placed upon each pack member learning/demonstrating good manners and appropriate behavioural choices to ensure everybody enjoys their outdoor adventure.  

Have your dog "Join The Pack Today!"; We truly believe it will improve both the quality of your life and that of your furry friend.